Results the Fisiocrem Cursa dels Nassos

Retransmission of the race


The Olympic athlete and European champion Ilias Fifa achieved the victory in the Fisiocrem Cursa dels Nassos of 10km with 28'38 ", in the race that was firing the 2017 in a Barcelona that enjoyed a great festive day with athletes of international level and of the popular world, mixed on the last night of the year. Fifa, was very close to only 9 seconds to break the record of the test, which has Carles Castillejo since 2012 (28'29), but ending in a spectacular 13'58 "the last 5km. The event brought together 11,200 registered participants in the streets of Barcelona, ​​a figure close to the top, registered in 2013 of 11,400 registered.

Fifa, climbed to the podium backed by a great Carles Castillejo, who was 7 seconds behind the glory in his 8th participation - 6 wins and 2 second places, and the Moroccan of La Sansi, Mourad El Banouri 28'49 ". The Spanish champion of 1,500mts Marc Alcalá with a very good 29'01 "-marking personnel- the Moroccan Ibrahim Ezzaydouni, the international Llorenç Sales, the Moroccan Abderrahim El Jaafari, the runner-up of Spain of 10,000mts Mohamed Zarhouni, the World Cup Jonathan Romeo 29'52 ", the double Olympic Merzougui, Artur Bossy and the European medalist Angel Mullera ended down by 30 minutes and 11 seconds.

If Fifa made its gap even bigger in the history of the Cursa dels Nassos, in the female category it was the international Marta Galimany who renewed her victory last year. The FC Barcelona international signed a great performance, stopping the clock in 33 minutes and 29 seconds, and achieving a comfortable victory against his rivals, distancing Miriam Ortiz in 19 seconds and Estonia Jekaternia Patjuk in third position, followed by Montse Mas and Ingrid. Pine tree.

The last race of the season, everything and the strong wind that prevented better brands, also left a fact very to take into account, the great participation of women, with more than 29% the highest percentage in the history of the race.

The Fisiocrem Cursa dels Nassos 2017 has been organized, under the baton of Barcelona City Council and the executive management of La Sansi, was the second edition in charge of this after two years in the technical direction, along with the sponsorship of consolidated brands including Fisiocrem, Ibercaja and Joma. One of the novelties was the television over the arch, next to the fire show and lighting at the start and finish, next to the Fisiocrem tunnel of km 9.5, taking a good share of the day's prominence.

Photographs by Natasha Chekannikova that can be published

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