The Cursa dels Nassos will be held on December 31, 2024. The start will be at Carrer Selva de Mar at 17:15. The race website is

Participants are required to know the route so as not to get lost, and to be aware of possible last minute changes.

The race is open to all citizens. The minimum age to participate in the test is 16 years old. The participants of 16 and 17 years old at the time of processing the registration must sign the authorization by the father, mother or legal guardian

The distance is 10 kilometers, it is measured by the Catalan Athletics Federation and certified by the RFEA.

The route is duly signposted and marked every half kilometer. The refreshment points will be located approximately at kilometer 5 and at the finish line.

The closing of the race will take place at 6:55 p.m., therefore, the athletes will have 1 hour and 25 minutes to finish the race.

The use of a chip is mandatory. Participants who do not have a proprietary chip (yellow chip), must purchase a single-use chip at the price of 2 euros, VAT included (see conditions in the "Enrollments" section), white in color and to be held what to return in goal

Registration has a cost of 16€+ 0.30€ gateway costs for registration processing, plus 2€ in case of using a rental chip. In case of not participating, the amount of the same, nor of the white chip, will not be refunded, if it is for reasons not attributable to the organization. Registrations will close when 11.000 participants are reached.

The organization may modify the schedule and route due to external causes or force majeure. No right to claim.

The start is designed for cajons based on the best 10 kilometer mark accredited in the ChallengeBcn10K races in the last two years. Each drawer is identified with a color. Only runners who have the number or bracelet of the distinctive color of each drawer can access. In case of not having an accredited brand, it will be left out of the white drawer (the last drawer). The brand can be credited upon delivery of the bibs and we will give you a wristband to leave the corresponding box.

The departure of participants in the wheelchair category will be at 5:13 pm. The rest of the departures will be staggered in three stages: the first, at 5:15 pm; the second, at 5:20 p.m., and the third, at 5:27 p.m. In the classification by categories, the real time will be taken into account.
The only vehicles that can follow the test are those expressly authorized by the organization.

The number and the chip must be collected on the days and times established by the organization. More information on the web 

Failure to remove the rider's number, shirt and bag on the established days means that the participant renounces taking part in the test. It is mandatory to participate with the bib number in the race (see "Collection of the bib").

Given the proximity of the two corridor fairs, the organization reserves the right to manage any of the incidents in one of the two stores.
Registration for the Cursa dels Nassos de Barcelona is personal and non-transferable and implies acceptance of these regulations. Under no circumstances, once the registration has been made, may the participation be transferred to third parties due to not being able to attend the day of the test.

A cloakroom service is made available to the participants, located at the ESCOLA GRÈVOL S.C.C.L - C. de Provençals, 9, 08019 Barcelona

. The organization is not responsible for the objects that the participants may deposit. Essential to carry them in a bag.

It is mandatory to run the race with the bib visibly placed on the front.

Participation in the event is done under the responsibility and own risk of the participants in the race. The organization is exempt from all responsibility for the damages that the participants may cause during the race, to themselves or to third parties.

You can participate in a wheelchair or athletic cart, but not by handbike, rollerblades, skateboard, bicycle, tricycle or electric wheelchair, among others.

People with visual disabilities must be duly identified, as well as the person who guides them. The guides will go without a chip. If they wish to state their brand, they will be assigned the same as that of the runner they accompany.

To be eligible for the classification and awards in the visual impairment and wheelchair category, a copy of the disability card must be attached to  If you need a guide, you must indicate the data (name and surname, ID, date of birth, mobile phone and email).

Prizes will be awarded for the first, second and third classified and for the first, second and third classified, who will collect their trophy at the end of the race.

Spanish athletes with a federative scholarship may not participate in the race, nor foreign athletes who have made (during this season or the previous two) a mark with a value equal to or greater than 950 points in the current IAAF table, these marks being the ones that are listed below:




800 m.l.



1500 m.l.



3000 m.l. 



5000 m.l.



10000 m.l.



3000 obs. 



10 km ruta



Media Maratón






This ban will not affect FCA licensed 

20. The awards ceremony for the visual impairment and wheelchair categories will be held as long as a minimum of three athletes, whether men or women, have finished the race. The prizes are awarded the same day of the race. You have to go to the podium area once the race is over to find out the first, second and third positions. Failure to collect the award is considered lost.

21. The categories are exclusive, that is, the same person cannot be awarded in two categories.

22. Participants explicitly allow their name, surname, sex and year of birth to be published in the lists of registrants, as well as the list of results if they finish the race, following the established regulations.

23. The fact of registering implies the acceptance of these regulations and the regulations of long-distance races of the Catalan Athletics Federation ( ). The organization decides on any incident that is not foreseen.