The Cursa dels Nassos will be held on December 31 and will continue with the traditional 10-kilometer route. The test is part of the races of the Challenge 10K, and the Championchip League, and is organized under the baton of the Barcelona City Council and the executive direction of La Sansi, with the sponsorship of consolidated brands including Ibercaja, Joma or Romakuruma
The course of the Nassos has opened today the registration period with a maximum of 14,000 registered. Those who register during the month of September will enter the raffle of different gifts from the sponsors. Over the previous weeks, up to 24 workouts will be scheduled. Those registered can also follow the different level training plans on the web, which have been specifically designed.
The last edition, left data to be taken into account as the large participation of women, with more than 29%, or the historical record of more arrivals in less than 30 minutes, the 14th ended in 29'44 ”an unprecedented milestone in a Catalan race. The excellent weather, a marked route every 500 meters, the 29 hares, the high level and a tradition of finishing the year running, produced great brands both elite and popular, with more than 960 athletes in less than 40 minutes.
The last winners were the international Artur Bossy, and in the female category Marta Galimany.
Registrations can be made through the page

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