Open registrations to the Macroentreno Cursa dels Nassos 2019

Within the preparation of the Nassos Race of Barcelona that will be held on 12/31/19 and after the success achieved in its first edition, the City Council of Barcelona with the executive management of La Sansi, Montjuïc Olympic Stadium, a free training for popular sportsmen of all levels and ages.

This training is scheduled for December 14 at 9.30 a.m. There will be national coaches, Olympic and Paralympic athletes who will help you and will assist you in the doubts you may face in preparing the Nassos race.
Free registration for training is now open at where you can find more information about the event

- Day and time: Saturday, December 14, 2019 at 09:30 p.m.

- Place: Olympic Stadium in Montjuïc

 Programming the training

How to get there

PHOTO CONTEST: Like last year, we will take the 3 best photos of the training I sent the hastag # cursadelsnassos19. We will give them with sports equipment. Refine your lenses and do not miss this hastag

 TRAINING: We want you to have a good time, and that you do not need anything for all of this. We will have dressing rooms, showers, free parking, wardrobe, provision, great draw and Quely Pica-Pica final. On the training website we will upload videos and more than 1,000 free photos

OBJECTIVE: Our main objective is to enjoy an incomparable space such as the Olympic Stadium, in addition we want you to have technical Explanations and how to improve physical performance, it is not only important to train well, to compete at a high level regardless of The level is an important part that must be trained, so it is crucial to arrive well on the day of the competition.
Different national trainers and Olympic athletes will explain basic parts of the preparation of a popular athlete, with their specific needs to train and compete.
Registration for the Nassos race at

Jose Luis Blanco: National trainer and organizer of the Macro-training, Cursa dels Nassos, among others. Olympic Athlete. Record of Catalonia of 2.000m.obs; 3.000m.obs; 5km and 5,000mts indoor route

Iván Hompanera: Paralympic Champion of 800 and 1.500mts. National coach

Eva Arias international athlete. Record of Catalonia of 3,000m.obs and 5km route.

Free parking: Next to Pau Negre Montjuïc-Barcelona athletics tracks. Watch over when not parking in areas of handicapped or bus. The sooner you go, the better you'll find.

HOW TO ARRIVE TO THE MACROENTRENAMIENTO: Place of entry to the Olympic Stadium of Montjuïc by the Marathon door, 100 meters from the athletics tracks of Pau Negre. The same door to enter, if you have participated, in the career of El Corte Inglés. The entrance will be marked with arrows. It will be the only entry and exit door. Very timely, once the training begins, the front door will be closed, although it will be possible to leave before finishing the training if someone needs it.

08: 45h to 09: 20h: Confirmation of registration with your DNI or identification document. We will give you a numbered bracelet for each participant, you will have to take it during the entire training session, it will be used to enter the stadium, leave material in the wardrobe, take drink and snack for free, and bring your number to to the draw

09: 00h to 09: 25h: You will be photographed at the photocall, which can be viewed on the web for free in the afternoon.
Throughout the morning you will have VESTUARIS, SHOWER and WC. Wardrobes numbers 1, 2 and 3 will be for women and from 4 to 10 will be for men, you will have them in the tartan straight from inside the stadium, in front of the wardrobe. Please do not leave anything in them. you will have a wardrobe.

09: 00h to 09: 30h: You can leave clothes to GUARDA free, located in the tunnel before going to the track to the right, passing the collection of shirts. You can also leave the backpack on the track. We will heat inside the stadium and nobody will take it away.
Those who have to change their shoes can be left on the track next to street 9, so they do not have to go afterwards to take their clothes in the wardrobe.

IMPORTANT: We recommend moisturizing well before training and bring your water bottle. We will still have a supply point.

09: 30h: Explanation of training by trainers, and different exercises applied to train and compete at 100%.

IMPORTANT: For special treatment, it will be prohibited to step on the lawn.

We will have a MEDICAL SERVICE, courtesy of the Olympic Stadium in Montjuïc. Please do not force more of your account, the important thing is to enjoy.

09: 40h: Photograph of all the participants: It will be

09: 50h: We want to beat the "record" of more participants running a series of 1,000 meters. We will heat 3 laps and ¾ all together at a very gentle pace, we will continue heating each one at its pace inside the Olympic stadium. To finish performing between 3 and 4 km at different rhythms, no matter their level, we will row in each one at a pace, surrounded by guides and coaches.


10: 10h-10: 20h: Break for those who want to hydrate with water. Each participant will have a glass of cardboard with their number, to recycle and use it throughout the morning. Those that you want can take advantage of, to change their slippers and get faster ones or with keys.


10: 10-10: 25h: Ideal prior exercises in the competition and straight ahead of the test.


10: 30h: Test timed on the Olympic stadium, you can choose between doing a test of 100 meters "like Usain Bolt" or 1,000 meters "like Fermín Cacho", with hares at different rhythms. You can do the test of the two distances, first one and then at 10 minutes the other. Whoever wants to wear key socks to do the test, will be able to do it. It is suggested to go with very light sneakers.


Series will be made for rhythms in 1,000 meters, the fastest first at 10:30 p.m. will be at a rate of 2.55 "at km and the slowest at a rate of 6 minutes at km. Remember that the more glued to the stream street 1, the less meters you will do. Although the series will be on time, if faster races come from behind, you should open to the street 2 and let them pass.


While waiting for the exit of its series, it is important to continue stretching and doing some straight lines, without disturbing the participants of 1,000 meters and encouraging them. Trainers and guides will advise you. Each series will have hounds and guides to cheer you up. You will have a stopwatch in the finish line so you can see your end time, and photos and videos to immortalize your arrival! All 1,000-meter series will be recorded on video.


The series of 100 meters will be done from the street 3 to the 9, leaving one by one. If you want to make series of up to 7 people with groups of friends to see who is the fastest, without any inconvenience, inform the coach that will take care of the departures ..


11: 05h: Trainers will inform you of ideal exercises before or after competing.


11:05 p.m.: Pica-pica courtesy of Quely and Hydration


11: 05h: Talk of national coaches and athletes with questions from attendees.


11: 20h: Great draw of Siroko glasses + sports equipment + Kronos watch + lots of gifts.


11: 00h-12: 30h: Adara physiotherapy center massage therapists, showers, WC and free changing rooms will be available.




There will be hundreds of photos and videos on the following link: and will have them the same afternoon on the day of training.




                  Thanks for participating and enjoying a historic day!