The Barcelona 92 goalkeeper, Antonio Rebollo, will start the 2022 Race of the Noses

»       Barcelona will close the sporting year with the Cursa dels Nassos which, as per tradition, will take place on December 31, starting at 5.15pm.


»       As in the last editions, the Cursa dels Nassos 2022 will consist of two events: a 5 kilometer with international elite athletes and the traditional 10 kilometer open to everyone and with a limit of 10,000 registrants.


»       The athlete who broke the women's world record in the 5K last year, Ejgayehu Taye, joins Jakob Ingebrigsten, Jimmy Gressier, Karoline Grøvdal and Konstanze Klosterhalfen as one of the promises of the Run of the Noses.


»       The Cursa dels Nasos 2022 5K International can be followed live through the websites: and



10 days from its celebration, the Cursa dels Nassos 2022 has been presented with novelties and many possibilities to break international records again. A sporting event as special as this deserves a spectacular start. For this reason, this year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Barcelona Olympic Games, it has been decided that the start of the Race will be starred by the famous archer who lit the Olympic torch at the opening ceremony of the 1992 Games, Antonio Rebollo.


Today with the presence of sports councilor David Escudé and Jose Luis Blanco from La Sansi, FCA president Mercè Rosich, Josep Maria Toldrà from Banc Santander, Susana Closa from IBE and athlete Adam Majó from Adidas.


David Escuder, Councilor for Sports at the Barcelona City Council, explained the role that the winner of three medals in archery will play at the Paralympic Games: "Rebollo will throw the arrow that will light the flame at each of the four planned outings of the Race of the Noses. It will be positioned on the LED starting arc and will once again demonstrate its aim by lighting up the peveter, a symbolic act that will close the various tributes for the 30th anniversary of the unforgettable Olympic Games of Barcelona 92".


At 67 years old, Antonio Rebollo currently works as a cabinet maker in a carpentry workshop and assures that he is excitedly waiting for the start of the Cursa dels Nassos: "Although during the last thirty years I have been called for all kinds of events, I it is especially exciting to be part of this event. On the 31st I'll be in Barcelona to give the start, and when I'm done I'll take the AVE back to Madrid to eat the grapes at home. I'm sure I'm having a great time."


5k for new men's and women's European and world records

In addition to this special start, another highlight of the Cursa dels Nassos 2022 will be its 5k race. For the third time, this international 5 kilometer race will be held, exclusively for elite athletes, both male and female, and with a maximum of 50 participants. The aim is to break the world record for this distance and the European records.

The 5k will start at 19:00 on Carrer de l'Arquitecte Sert, while the finish line will be on Carrer Selva de Mar. Last year the world records were broken, still in force, with 12'49" by Berihu Aregawi and 14'19" by Ejgayehu Taye. This year, with the confirmed presence of great athletes such as Jakob Ingebrigsten, Filip Ingebrigsten, Henrick Ingebrigsten, Jimmy Gressier, Karoline Grobdal, Konstanze Klosterhalfen; and the new addition of Taye, the predictions of making history are again very good in both the women's and men's categories.


With the aim that everyone can experience first hand one of the most exciting races in the city and can witness the possible historical milestones of the athletes who will participate this New Year's Eve, the Cursa dels Nassos 5K International is will broadcast live through the websites: and


The 10k will start at 5:15pm

Registrations for the Cursa dels Nassos for the popular 10 kilometer race are still open but, this year, they are being formalized more quickly than in previous years. In fact, of the 10,000 numbers available, around 8,000 runners have already managed their registration. Female participation is currently around 30%.


As for the participation of elite athletes in the popular 10 kilometers, the presence of Meritxell Soler, Cristina Silva, the Latvian Dimitrijs Serjogins and Artur Bossy stands out.


Registrations can be made at


You can download the photos of the presentation event, Antonio Rebollo's statement and the list of international athletes, here.