La Cursa dels Nassos will reward those who run without a carbon fiber plate

It is the first race in the world to introduce this initiative

Barcelona will become the pioneer city in the incorporation of an innovative category in the universe of popular races. The club La Sansi, organizer of the Cursa dels Nassos, which will be held on December 31 at 5:30 p.m., has just announced that they have created a special category for those runners who reach the finish line with 'conventional' shoes without a license plate carbon fiber. This new category is reserved for the first three athletes (three women and three men) classified in the Cursa dels Nassos 2019, the traditional end of the year test of the city.

In recent weeks, there has been an intense debate when it comes to quantifying the advantage that athletes who use carbon fiber sneakers have, combined with avant-garde midsole materials that exponentially increase the return of energy if the geometry of The models is appropriate. What is true is that its tra trampoline effect ’has multiplied the sales of the most media shoes of the moment, and has revolutionized the world of“ running ”. Therefore, the Cursa dels Nassos has decided that those runners and brokers who do not use carbon fiber plate models for different reasons, can obtain special recognition on December 31 when the runners are enjoying the last strides of the year.

La Cursa dels Nassos, hopes to gather 12,000 participants in a spectacular sporting party that in recent years has made this event to be among the most important in the athletic route calendar. This is a 10K of the fastest in the country, which last year featured the triumphs of international athletes Artur Bossy (28:47 and fifth best Spanish brand in the 2018/2019 season) and Marta Galimany (33:48 ). It should be noted that fourteen athletes ran below 29:46, a fact that demonstrates the high level of the race. The athlete who has the most triumphs in this event is Carles Castillejo, winner seven times.