The Barcelona 92 goalkeeper, Antonio Rebollo, will start the Cursa dels Nassos

A dream race like the Cursa dels Nassos deserves a spectacular start. For this reason, the Barcelona City Council, La Sansi and Motorpress Ibérica have decided that the start of the event will be led by the famous archer who lit the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony of the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games, Antonio Rebollo.


The legendary archer, winner of three archery medals at the Paralympic Games, will shoot the arrow that will ignite the flame in each of the four planned starts of the Cursa dels Nassos. Rebollo will be placed on the starting led arc and will once again demonstrate his exquisite aim by illuminating the cauldron. With this symbolic act the 30th anniversary of the unforgettable Barcelona 92 Olympic Games will close, of which, among many other feats, the overwhelming victory of Fermín Cacho in the 1500 meters and the elegance and plasticity will always remain in the retina of the fans. from the moment in which Antonio Rebollo ignited the illusions of millions of people on the planet.

Antonio Rebollo, 67, currently works as a cabinetmaker in a carpentry workshop and excitedly awaits the start of the Cursa dels Nassos: "Although for the last thirty years they have called me for all kinds of events, I am especially excited to form part of this race. As a goalkeeper, the challenge I face is the usual one, but with some nuances. I have just been collaborating with a famous singer in Seville and on the 31st I will be in Barcelona at the Cursa dels Nassos to start the runners. And when I'm done, I'll take the AVE back to Madrid to eat the grapes at home. I'm sure I'll have a great time, because I love it, I'll meet new people and I'm very excited”.

The registrations for the Cursa dels Nassos, which will be held on Saturday, December 31, are being formalized much faster than in previous years,


which augurs that the event achieves its participation record.

The Barcelona test will have two modalities: 10 kilometers for popular athletes and 5 kilometers for the international elite, and registration can be done at