Cursa dels Nassos 2016

December 31 at 17.30 the streets of the city of Barcelona will host the Nose Race, with participants from more than 50 countries around the world, some popular and other Olympic, open to all citizens over 16 years , with a limit of 14,000 participants. The 10km race with a very quick tour, got in the last edition the best Spanish brands 10km 2015 in men and women, and with 11 athletes to lose 30 minutes, never seen in history in a Catalan race. It will be part of the Challenge BCN 10k, the racing league 10 kilometers from Barcelona and Championchip League.

This edition features lighting shows ever seen in a race, 26 hares at different rates of 28'20 "to 70 minutes and great innovations that we will inform you.

The Nose Race is a very emotional and special for the city of Barcelona event is the 2nd Spanish year-end race with more participants.

The perfect opportunity to spend the last hours of the year playing sports and spending time with other runners before celebrating the entrance of 2016.

In this sense, we like to emphasize athletes with functional diversity, which also play an important role in the development of the Nose Race. Without these athletes, the race would be less career.