The Nose Race 2021 will consist of two races, of 5km international and traditional of 10km, and will fulfill all the preventive measures against the contagion by the covid-19.


Once again, the city of Barcelona will close the sports year with the Nose Race, which, as always, will take place on December 31st, starting at 5.15pm. This year, once again, it will be a different race adapted to the current situation, which will allow runners to take part in the event with all the necessary safety and prevention measures.

The Nose Race 2021 will again have two distances as in 2020, one of 10km and another of 5km. Exceptionally, it will only feature elite athletes.

The 10km race will have a three-stage start, for 6,200 entrants, and will take place at 5.15pm, 5.20pm and 5.30pm. The distance between people in each drawer will be 1.5 meters.

Another novelty of this year’s Nose Race will be the 10km route with 4 laps less than the traditional route with start and finish on Carrer Selva de Mar.


5k for a new male and female world record

Once again, in this edition, the 5 km International Nose Race will be held for the second time, exclusively for elite athletes, both male and female with a maximum of 50 participants, with the aim of breaking the world record for 5km route in male and female mode. It will start at 7.15 pm at Artquitecte Sert, while the arrival will be at Selva de Mar Street.



Registrations closed on December 20, and due to the health situation were limited to 6,200 registrants.

The bibs will be collected at ADIDAS stores. Due to the health measures established by the pandemic, it will be necessary to strictly respect the day and the time slot chosen to collect the number.


Security protocols

The Nose Race 2021 will comply with all preventive measures against covid-19 infection. That's why the mask will be mandatory before the start of the race and at the finish. Participants must bring it from home and take it to the start of the test. Once the start has been given, it will be forbidden to throw the mask on the ground, both at the beginning and along the route. The runner must keep it and, on arrival, deposit it in suitable containers and it will be replaced by a new one that he / she will receive from the organization.

The distance of 1.5 meters between runners will be maintained in the exit drawers. In addition, there will be hydroalcoholic ice dispensers available to participants, and all the infrastructure of the race will be disinfected before the test.


Elite participants in the 5km

Some of the prominent names in the men's event are: Berihu Aregawi (12.52 PB, second best 5k mark of all time), Carlos Mayo (13:18 PB at 5,000m), Mike Foppen (13'31 PB), Sondre Moen (13'37 PB), Bastien Augusto (13:38), Santi Catrofe (13:40), Arsene Guillorel (13'36), and with 20 athletes in less than 14'00.

In the women's category, the name of Ejgayehu Taye Haylu is the most prominent (14'14 PB, fifth best mark in the 5,000 meters of all time). Swedish Meraf Bahta (15’31 PB), runner-up in European Cross Country, or Esther Guerrero, with 16’03, should be taken into account. There will also be junior European champion Carla Domínguez.

Elite participants in the 10km

The Olympic athlete Marta Galimany, Cristina Silva, Dimitrijs Serjogins, Annasse Mahboub and Artur Bossy, or Marc Alcalà stand out.