Barcelona closes the year with two world records in 5K

Ethiopian Berihu Aregawi, (12:49) and Ejgayehu Taye (14:19), world records at the Cursa dels Nassos in Barcelona.


The Ethiopian runner Berihu Aregawi Tekehalman, with a time of 12:49 and his compatriot Ejgayehu Taye Haylex, with a time of 14:19, have broken the world records of the 5 km on the road in the 23rd edition of the Cursa dels Nassos of Barcelona that this Friday has been disputed on the new urban circuit of the city of Barcelona.

The Ethiopian Berihu Aregawi Teklehaimanot, 20 years old and with a best time of 12:52, started with the second best world record of all time and just one second behind the world record of the Ugandan Joshua Cheptegei (12:51).

He has had an extraordinary run to beat Cheptegei's mark by two seconds. Uruguayan Hispanic Santiago Catrofe, sixth, has achieved his personal best with 13:39 and absolute Catalan record, as well as Carlos Mayo from Madrid, seventh with 13:40 (the previous one was 14:07).

In the women's category, the Ethiopian Olympian Ejgayehu Taye, 21, started with a better time (14:14 on the track), the fifth best world record of all time and her career, surrounded by several 'hares' has marveled to beat also the world record with 14:19, ten seconds less than his compatriots Senbere Teferi (14:29), achieved in Herzogenaurach, on 12 September.

The Swedish of Eritrean origin Meraf Bahta, European champion of 5,000 (2016) and with a best mark of 15:31 (2020) in the distance, has been second with 15:04 The young Spanish Carla Domínguez, 18 years old and champion of Europe Sub-20 of 5000 meters, has been third with 15:51 (also best personal mark and absolute record of Catalonia).


In the 10 km race, with 6,500 runners at the start, the victory has been for the Moroccan Hispanic Lahcen Ait Alibou (CA Igualada) with a record of 29:08 in the men's category and the Vallense Marta Galimany (Adidas), with 32 : 29 in the female.

A group of eight runners led the race from the start with the 25-year-old runner from Tárrega Xavier Badia (AA Xafatolls) and current champion of Catalonia of the 10 km en route, maintaining a close duel with the Latvian Dimitrijs Serjogins (La Sansi ), the Moroccan Hispanic Lahcen Ait Alibou (CA Igualada) and Artur Bossy (Castillejo Runners) who have held his pace until kilometer five, where Badía tried to break the race, but Aí Alibou came out behind him and surpassed him.

From there, the dominance of the current champion of Catalonia of 5 km and winner of the International Cross of Granollers this year has been absolute to enter the winner with a time of 29:06 -his personal best-, followed by Badía, current Catalan champion of 10 km, with 29:21 and Alejandro Rodríguez (L 'Hopitalet Atc.) from Hospital with 29:32.

In the 10 km, although a new route has been launched, the current record is held by Carlos Castillejo with 28:29, achieved in 2012. The Olympian from Valladolid Marta Galimany (Adidas), at 36 years old and preparing for her next marathon, has given everything a recital in the female category.

With the equalizer Roger Roca as 'hare' she has maintained an impressive pace to prevail with a time of 32:29, his best personal best and the best mark of the event in the last eleven years.

It was Galimany's fifth victory at the Cursa dels Nassos and he smashed his previous distance mark in 30 seconds (32: 59/2019), remaining 23 seconds behind the test record, held by Rosa Morató with 32: 06 since 2009.

The second place on the podium has been for the Barcelona-born Cristina Silva (Ironwill), with 33:27, pulverizing her personal best (the previous one was 34:38) and the third for the Berta Cábanas from ilerdense with 34:23.

In a wheelchair, the Paralympic athlete from Les Franqueses del Vallés, Jordi Madera has revalidated his 2020 victory by winning with a time of 22:56.