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The jersey, the number and the chip will be collected at the ADIDAS store on Paseo de Gracia, 3.

The runner's fair is the space for collecting the number and the shirt.

The day and time chosen for the withdrawal of the bib number and shirt must be strictly respected, after hours no bib will be delivered. For security reasons, only the registered person will be able to access to pick up the number.

We ask for your patience as sanitary measures force us to be scrupulous and do the process one by one.



We remind you that in the registration form, the section of the size of the shirt, it was recommended to choose one size less and you could use a drop-down to know the measurements of the shirt. Also, we remember that for health reasons the shirt is not exchangeable. Once delivered.


What do you need to enter the store?

To access the ADIDAS store and facilitate organization tasks, you must bring the following:

  • Mask.
  • Registration receipt (you can present it by showing it from your mobile).
  • Know the bib number (you will have received an email with your bib number, and on the web you have a list with the bib number)
  • DNI.
  • If an athlete cannot go to look for his / her number and chip within the chosen time slot, a person from their coexistence group can pick it up carrying proof of registration, ID (or photocopy), always respecting the time slot chosen at the make the registration.

Venue and hours

ADIDAS store. Located on Passeig de Gracia, 3



Before entering the sports fair, hydroalcoholic gel will be dispensed. You will have to rub your hands with this solution to start the tour.

Actions that follow:

  1. accreditation
  2. bag
  3. dorsal
  4. Adidas t-shirt
  5. Refreshment drum parts