About 10,000 people have already signed up for Cursa dels Nassos 2019, with a few hours left to close the inscriptions.

With departure at Selva de Mar Street in Barcelona next Tuesday, December 31 at 5:30 p.m., and with participants from more than 50 countries, it will be one of the most outstanding events on the last day of the year. It will include more novelties to make the last race of 2019 even more special, among them you can find a new starting arch with a lighting and fire show that can be seen on a large screen, participants can hydrate for free before competing, 20 masseuses at the end of the race, voluntary charitable contributions can be made that will go directly to INSERsport and even other advantages such as DJ at km 5, Batukadas, 4 speakers for different points of the route, even more hares than last year, 29, and a Corridor fair that reaches 1,600 square meters in the Mar Bella.

One of the objectives of the organization is that more than 1,000 athletes lose 40 minutes, the previous year 963 achieved it by being the 10km European race with more arrivals in less than 40 minutes, and the Spanish race with more athletes in less than 50 minutes, 3,986 participants.

Bossy and Galimany to renew
The winners of the previous edition both Artur Bossy and Marta Galimany, come out with the favorite poster, the two international FCB athletes this year, have been the most outstanding athletes of 2019.

Also international Ibrahim Ezzaidouni and Mourad El Bannouri, 3rd and 4th in the last edition, will also fight for victory. Other prominent international athletes such as Marc Alcalá or the Olympic Abdelaziz Merzougui start as favorites, Mourad Mourim 2nd in the Cursa Bombers, Oukhelfen, Samir Ait, Abrouk, El Ghazouany, as well as a bouquet of French athletes including Le Bihan, English, Czech and from other countries that will fight to get on the podium. Historical as Nacho Cáceres, Roger Roca, Anna Bove, or Toni Bernado will not miss the appointment.

14 sub 29’45 ”athletes
In the last edition 14 athletes dropped from 29’45 ”being the 10km Catalan race with more athletes under 30 minutes in history.

In the women's category, apart from Marta Galimany, Miriam Ortiz 2nd in the last edition, Marisa Casanueva winner a few weeks ago of the Cursa Bombers, the Latvian Kitija Valtere winner yesterday of the Sant Silvestre del Masnou, Douane Ouboukir barefoot winner a few days ago from Girona, the sensation of the Sheila Aviles trail, Gisela Carrión 3rd in the Behobia SS this year and more athletes who will fight to climb the podium of the first 5.

In search of records
In the last edition several records were broken, two of them from La Sansi athletes, one the world record for people over 45, Driss Lakaouaja ​​got it with 29'37 ”and this year he will try to improve, just like Djimitris Serjogins of Latvia, which broke the record of his country with 29'36 ”and arrives in great shape, after his victory yesterday at the 40th San Silvestre del Masnou.

2 dorsal with stars
Carles Castillejo, who leaves an injury, will wear 7 stars in his back, according to his 7 victories in the race, in the case of Marta Galimany will look 3, for his victories in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

With departure at 17: 28h there will be some of the best in the specialty, such as Jordi Madera.

The latest registrations can be made at www.cursadenassos.barcelona

Photographs that can be published.

Dossier https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/esports/sites/default/files/dossier_cursa_nassos_2019.pdf