New Cursa dels Nassos 2016 open for registration


  • Among the objectives of our new stage, we seek to arouse interest in foreign and tourist audiences.


  • In the year 2015, both men and women managed to set the best Spanish records in 10 km, and 11 athletes finished in under 30 minutes, a milestone never seen before in a Catalan race.

The Barcelona Sports Institute has initiated the registration period for the cursa dels Nassos.  Registration can be completed on the website until a maximum of 14,000 participants have registered, or until midnight on 22 December. All adults aged 16 years and over can participate.

For David Escudé, Sport Commissioner, “this years’ cursa dels Nassos enters into a new stage. We adhere to the more traditional aspects of the race, which form part of the last day of the year for many athletes; but the fact that an expert organisation has been contracted the right to conduct the race as a public competition has enabled us to review and improve organisational aspects of the event, which will without a doubt allow it to flourish.” La Sansi is the organising body is of the race.

The cursa dels Nassos begins on 31 December at 17:30 and continues with the traditional 10 km course that starts at the corner of Carrer Selva de Mar and Carrer Ramon Calsina, courses along the coast up to Pla de Palau and then turns into Carrer Marqués de Argentera to Carrer de Marina. Turning into Carrer Bonaventura Muñoz, the run reaches Avenida Diagonal where it rejoins with Carrer Selva de Mar to return to the start line. The race forms part of the Challenge 10K, the league of 10 kilometre races in Barcelona and the Championchip League.

The start line features both a golden box and numbers for runners with the best running times and 26 pacesetters serving as point of reference for the athletes. The runners will run at different tempos, from 28m20s, to 75 minutes. Alongside the general category, the race will also feature categories for those with visual impairments, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy and wheelchair users.

In the months preceding the race, up to 24 training programmes will be organised. Those registered can also make use of the training programmes specifically designed for every level.

As featuring highlights, the race will offer a refreshment point with fruit, water and isotonic drinks such as Powerade, as well as a station at 9 km where LEDs are handed out, in order that the runners can arrive at the finish line illuminated. There will also be laser shows and other entertainment activities, such as a drawing competition and a costume contest.

All participants who register before 30 November will be entered for a raffle for the chance to win a SYM motorbike.